UUID in React Native with Expo

Quddus George

Building a Mobile Application

What is a UUID?

What is a UUID?

UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier. Usually it will be a string that is programmatically generated and thoroughly random. There are standards and measurements as to how random and how unique a string will be.

At what point will a given ID repeat itself? Hopefully never in your app. 😆

My first Rust Program

Quddus George

Fascinated with the language

Meet Ferris, the unnoficial mascot of the Rust language. Learning Rust

Today I began my study of Rust, a systems programming language that grabbed my attention, started by Graydon Hoare and others at Mozilla.

Here are some of my initial thoughts, favorite resources to date, and my first program!

Drawing SVG

Quddus George

Trying to string together an SVG workflow

Watching my freshly-four-year-old son get entirely lost in his drawing brings back alot of memories. Growing up I really enjoyed drawing. When I dove back into the art form as an adult I enjoyed access to the tremendous amount of information and education available freely on the web.


Quddus George

exploring new technology

thePinephone Since I began studying software I have had more and more questions about my phone. This began with initially when I discovered that the label on a button and its functionality had no inherent connection. More questions arose when I set up a pihole for my home internet. All day long the pihole blocked network requests from the iphones in the home, even when no one was using them.

The Beginning

Quddus George

in a retrospective moment

the first program

I remember the moment very clearly. I was studying through javascript, my first time coming into contact with data structures, functions, objects and arrays. In one of my journeys into stackoverflow I came accross the html mailto property.